Making Solvents a Sustainable Cleaning Option

Sustainability and regulatory concerns are driving companies to look for alternatives to traditional solvents like N-Propyl Bromide (NPB), Trichloroethylene (TCE), and perchloroethylene (PCE/ PERC) for metal parts cleaning and degreasing.

Hubbard-Hall has been tackling solvent issues head-on for nearly 70 years to bring you the best of both worlds, solvent cleaners and cleaning processes that are sustainable and effective. Our new, safer, and low-VOC solvents provide the cleaning power of traditional solvents with less chemical consumption and environmental impact. So, you get the higher efficacy and throughput of solvents while staying ahead of regulatory and sustainability concerns.

Of course, if water-based aqueous products are right for you, we have 70 unique formulations.

Get The Right Cleaning Solvent Alternative

Get The Right Cleaning Solvent Alternative

Do long-term regulatory issues have you worried about your process lines being slowed down or stopped entirely? Although chlorinated/fluorinated/brominated solvents have advantages in precision cleaning, there are other methods for removing soils from the surface of metal.

Why Switch To Solvents?


Top 5 reasons to switch to a
safer cleaning solvent.

Providing Better Options


A safer alternative to one company’s previous chemicals.

Do Solvents Meet Your Needs?


A comprehensive look at cleaning sensitive electronics.

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When To Use Solvent Cleaning


  • Aerospace/Military
  • Medical Devices
  • Electronics
  • Precision Cleaning of Metal Parts


  • Vacuum and vapor degreasing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Rapid Drying
  • Heat Treating


  • Aluminum
  • Iron/Ferrous
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mixed metals
"The limited supply and long lead times of some fluorocarbons, require a second look at alternatives like Tergo."

3 Ways to Use Solvents More Sustainably

Lower-Impact Chemistries

New solvent chemistries offer low VOCs, better toxicity profiles and higher TLVs than traditional chemistries.  EPA-approved, SNAP-approved, and certified biocompatible solvents available.

Closed Systems

Solvent can impact the environment or worker health. Containing solvents helps eliminate that concern – and can reduce the need for protective apparel and treatment systems.

Fewer Resources

Solvent cleaners use 100% less process water & 74% less energy than aqueous chemistries. And new solvents are engineered to be more stable for better cleaner and machine life.

Mission Critical Meets Sustainable

    • Better Cleaning – New solvents are engineered to work as well or better than their predecessors in degreasing equipment, with consistent quality. Added stabilizers guard against aluminum, zinc die cast and other white metal, acid, or water-based oil emulsions.  So, you benefit from cleaning efficiencies and an extended machine life.
    • Better Sustainability – Solvent cleaners use 100% less process water and 74% less energy than aqueous chemistries. New solvent chemistries offer low VOCs, better toxicity profiles and higher TLVs than traditional chemistries. And, when combined with closed-loop, vacuum degreasing systems, you reduce or eliminate chemical consumption and disposal. EPA-approved, SNAP-approved, and certified biocompatible solvents available.
    • Better Productivity - A Hubbard-Hall cleaning consult can reduce downtime by 90% and lead to a 100% improvement in productivity and throughput. Solvents also reduce post-cleaning process steps like rinsing and drying and wastewater treatment.

A Choice for Every Challenge℠

For more than 70 years, Hubbard-Hall has been a leader in cleaning and degreasing solvents. We offer a full suite of solvent chemistries for any cleaning and sustainability challenge.

Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning

Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning

Let our technical experts address all of these issues and more! View our presentation, “Being Agnostic to the Best Cleaning Option – Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning.”

Our Family of Cleaning Experts at your Fingertips

We’re not a multinational chemical giant or a bolt-on cleaning line. We’re a family company focused on cleaning. Our dedicated cleaning experts know metal parts cleaning inside and out.

And, as a family company, customers have always been at the heart of what we do – it’s in our DNA. So, we’re tankside, looking at cleaning from your perspective, and focused on responsive 24-hour turnaround and 100% issue resolution.

It’s like having your own expert cleaning team at your fingertips.

That’s why 92% of our customers from 10 years ago are still part of the Hubbard-Hall family today. And, as a solid, 6th-generation company that’s been here for 170 years, why you can be sure we’ll be part of your family for the future.

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