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The Remanufacturer’s challenge is to determine the value of their cores and increase the speed and productivity in turning those components into reusable parts.  As the life blood of the remanufacturing process the core is stripped, cleaned, polished and brought back to life. Hubbard-Hall brings decades of experience in this manufacturing process with a complete line of metal finishing products coupled with technical expertise.

What Makes Remanufacturing Different?


Remanufacturing differs from traditional manufacturing in that it requires the knowledge of several variables that are constantly changing. Such as multi-metal substrates, unique part configuration, complex and unidentifiable contaminants. Hubbard-Hall has a dedicated technical team who provide process expertise in cleaning, stripping and preparing almost all metals, as well as configurations, contaminants and environmental requirements facing manufacturers.

Specialty Cleaners for Remanufacturing


A core should be evaluated to determine if it’s suitable to be remanufactured; after complete disassembly, components are thoroughly cleaned. This is where we come in, providing expertise in cleaning for over 60 years, it is critical to provide the right blend of chemistry to remove all of the contaminants while preserving the substrate. With the trend to reduce weight from engines and other components, softer, lighter metal alloys, like aluminum and magnesium require unique cleaning techniques.

Mass Finishing for Remanufacturing


Our technical team has adapted our product line over the years to meet the many challenges faced by customers in metal cleaning. Having the products and the expertise to adapt the product line, puts Hubbard Hall in a unique position to supply the remanufacturing market. On this page you will find the top remanufacturing mass finishing products that we recommend. Need help choosing the right product? Speak to one of our experts today and finish with confidence.

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Remove Paint Without Damaging Parts

Remove Paint Without Damaging Parts

Once the grease, dirt, rust, carbon and paint are removed, the true value of the core can be evaluated. Mechanical means or blasting with various media will remove the majority of the remaining coating. Sometimes, however, special attention is needed not to damage certain metals, such as aluminum, copper alloys, magnesium or other softer, lighter metals. Moreover, this same attention is needed when treating plastic and other non-metallic materials.

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Process and Product Recommendations

Remanufacturing Core Preparation ProductsCores We Help Remanufacture
• Cleaners
• Conversion coatings
• Rust removers
• Mass finishing
• Paint strippers
• Rust preventatives
• High value durable goods
• Auto & truck engines
• Drive trains
• Brake calipers
• Aerospace landing gear assemblies
• Ales & turbos
• CARC military cores
• Alloy wheels

Aqueous Cleaning Options

pHRecommended Operating TemperatureRecommended ApplicationNon-ChelatedOther Features
Lusterclean 11 L14
130-200°FSoak & ImmersionCleaner & deruster combo for faster cycle times.
Aquaease PL 9181490-200°FImmersion & SprayLow foam at lower temperatures.
Aquaease PL 71412-12.5120-170°FImmersion & SprayxEasily splits most oils & low foam.
Aquaease SL 8012.5+140-190°FImmersionxHeavy duty & safe on multi-metals.

Mass Finishing Products designed for Remanufacturing

pHRecommended Operating TemperatureRecommended ApplicationSubstrate(s)Equipment
Lusterbrite CBA1-2Room temp.Burnishing, deburring, cleaning & descalingNon-ferrous metalsStainless steel & rubber lined
Aquaease PL 91813+Room temp.Burnishing, deburring, cleaning & descalingFerrous metals & nickel based alloysMild steel, rubber lined & stainless steel
Aquaease PL 73511-11.5Room temp.Burnishing, deburring, cleaning & descalingFerrous metals & non-ferrous metalsMild steel & stainless steel

Paint Strippers Designed for Remanufacturing

pHRecommended Operating TemperatureStripping CharacteristicSoluble in WaterChlorinated Solvent-Free
Aquastrip ACB3-4
140-170°FBreaks bond, removes in sheetsForm suspension, requires agitationx
Aquastrip 120012-13150-200°FDissolvesForm suspension, requires agitationx
Aquastrip AL10-12Ambient-180°FDissolvesxx